strangely (and luckily, i suppose), after all these years the bedsheets drawer still have that smell about them. that veryfamiliar smell i cannot possibly describe, because its not like just any old detergent or fabric softener. its a combination of a coupla somethings i think- like some bits of detergent over the years maybe, and also perhaps, do bedsheets when they are kept alongside one another in a drawer for a long time make up some special Bedsheet Chemistry ? a sort of musky, floral, clean scent. it smells just like at the old house, that very special drawer on the kingsized bedframe, the one which snaps shut on your fingers if you dont close it carefully. the one which holds the kooky vintagey things, like bridal lightstands and what-nots, classic leftovers of your parents’ marriage; and special things people bring for you from overseas (big deal it was, when youre young) like that furry garfield waistpouch.

it smells like the jurongwest days, the early btpanjang days, the primaryschool days, the homecooked lunches before the afternoon sessions, the crisp greenridge primary school pinafore, the handwashed laundry- the days when it felt like nothings ever going to change because everything felt so right.

then now all ive got left is this pile of bedsheets which smelled like the old times, when everything else really isnt the same anymore.


7 Commentaires

  1. felicia

    oh sheesh does ur sheets smell of sweat and mud? cos tats the smell i’ll relate to the jurongwest days =/

  2. sii

    hahaha NOT JWSS LA NOT JWSS !
    like, jurongwest-where-i-used-to-live. hahahaa and eww jwss smells like, many many saifuls and soifuls hoho.

  3. felicia


    on a sidenote, i really hate exams!

  4. thebeaumonde

    omg you used to live in jurong west! hee i love the smell of my smelly little pillow that i cover my ear with when i sleep
    (ok sorry too many details)

  5. Yux

    omg…helllloooo. SII! 🙂

  6. nessa

    how melancholic.
    i know that smell. it might be a different scent but i think i know it. 🙂

  7. sii

    different one i think. maybe just alittle, but surely every bedsheet drawer has its own chemistry(:

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