pop! goes my heart

myLovelys are the sweetest and i think im starting to feel alittle lousy about s/portsclub sigh. i promise to pick up phonecalls and be more reachable. anyhow, negative-negative-positive im still a veryvery happy person right now cos Someone appeared magically at my doorstep at a weirdass hour and i had my fill of bakwa and really, all is good. am really looking forward to the coming week, and tomorrow and sunday and a whole lot of Lovely lovin’(;

on a totally unrelated note, i dont really realise it but i guess i do say things sometimes which on retrospect makes me want to kick myself hard. i may sometimes overestimate myself, or my capacity or whatever- well sometimes it all comes and bite you in the butt when you dont really expect it to and then you feel bad for quite awhile. ouch):


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