what if i wanted to break


hahahaa i am a hypothesis in french, a big IF !

id been spending waaay too much time in the clubroom how how how i need to sit down and reply fb-mails (yes yes yes chongs i know i saw but im so sorry i havent had the, time, to do anything) and like spend some time at home la my room aint packed and im dead tired my skin is flaking off i feel like im gaining 20kgs a day and annoying people around had been yakking yakking yakkety yak and its very pissing-off sometimes. sometimes la. other times msn conversations and busrides home crack me up and i can laugh until my windpipe (windpipes? how many have we got??) give way and yes im having alot of fun on public transport its kinda embarrassing really. and then id been feeling up and down up and down up and down of late, a psychotic pendulum of sorts hinged on the crush/non-crush liminality wah help la help i need my blog to come alive and listen to me talk cos sometimes typing just doesnt cut It.


2 Commentaires

  1. Yux

    that pic was mighty funny! love you sii, the hypothesis-in-french, dreamy not-quite-possible, girl. happy cny babe! you make me wanna learn a new language- it’s like discovering another world altogether:)

  2. sii

    hahaa its funny right. and i get my whole set of conjugated verbs !(: i love you too LAA im happy we got to meet today ha ha its weird how we always see each other around leh, spontaneously or otherwise. eyy if got free lessons i want to learn another language too, like spanish or something. want want want? (chongs you teach us la.)

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