just like any fool who ever breathed

im possibly going to die of (heartbreak and) fatigue and an overdose of chasing cars. and oh, expired yogurt. this elusive thing called emo-ism comes up often these days, breeding amongst the people around me and, by osmosis, in me a coupla times. especially with an awful overdose of The C/lubroom and the people (oh God, the people) within i had to run and hide in the toilets or steal time away drinking cokelight by myself in the canteen.

i may just be feeling particularly melodramatic, or i could really be dying. NOT HAPPY. help)):


5 Commentaires

  1. thebeaumonde

    well if it helps, expired yoghurt will not kill you!(: And Im always free to drink coke lite in the canteen with you (i mean you drink coke lite and i’ll er eat honeydews haha)

  2. sii

    hahaha yea actually nothing happened leh. expirydates on yoghurts put for what one ! and ayee you so faraway ! medicine leh !

  3. vahnessah

    cher si,

    je tu manque!

    ou est-ce que tu?


  4. sii

    cher vahnessah,

    est-ce que « te » ? comme « je t’aime », c’est « je te manque » ? hahaha aiyah whatever i miss you too !:( monday lunch after visual images?

  5. vahnessah

    nah-uh. tutorial 11-1.
    27 dresses thursday after tutorial? :))

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