fever you cant sweat out

everythings going well. for the first time, ive gotten all the mods i wanted on my timetable, even those without preallocation. so its visual images, visual media, french3, the level3000 politics mod and my level2 core this sem. i just (okay maybe not just, since its been more than 24hours since i trudged back home, the battered remains of a mosquito feast) survived a camp, complete with frisbee-throwing, steps-scaling and a tragic lack of sleep. more than a physical workout (hahaa) its been good hanging out with the s/portsclub people and talking late into the night and playing dumbass games and well, its been a great few days definitely. also, i « have been selected by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences for the Student Exchange Programme (SEP) to the Assigned Partner University ». sweetly, id been assigned my firstchoice i.e. paris-dauphine. and i just talked to my old man about the whole sep thing and hes adequately supportive.

i think im reallyhappy ! things are going great and im in sep and all-things-yay. maybe i need some time for everything to sink in, cos im not quite feeling as exuberant as i wouldve thought i would be. whats wrong man.


4 Commentaires

  1. fel

    YEAH! sep!! (:

  2. thebeaumonde

    YAY!!(: YOURE GOING TO FRANCE!!(: hhaa, now its your turn to gush about all the lovely things over there and post your photos on facebook.

  3. mag is love

    you’re going sep! LUCKY BITCH!

    I WILL MISS YOU!!!!! 😦

  4. You’re going to Franceeee!!!!! Oh man I’m so happy for youuu!! (:

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