as it is, 2007 has come and gone, somewhere between some rapidfire of text messages, some generic some forwarded some sweet and personal, and kim’s elimination (aw kim ! my androgynous kim im fond of !), people popped champagne and danced under fireworks and celebrated the birth of the newyear.

and okay i lied in the previous post kinda, cos 2007 hadnt been that much of a blast. more like a spinning whirl- i cant believe so many things i remembered happened within the short span of a year ! the number of people id come into contact with, the number of people id worked with, the experiences, the stupid clubroom and how i’ll be stuck there for the next few months. its been bittersweet somewhat, this whole s/portsclub experience, like right now i know i dont quite appreciate being in it but one enlightening day in the future i know i’ll be glad i busied myself in my second year.

in 2007 i 1. made a conscious effort to stay at home more and have more dinners with the old man 2. realized my growing distaste for negative emotions (crazy, but true ! these monstrosities are time- and energy-wasting, bigtime) 3. found it easier to slap a smile on my face in appropriate situations 4. had to deal with time management 5. really start to like what im studying. in 2008 i will try to 1. pick up phonecalls and return messages 2. be punctual and really just 3. love myself alittle more and treat myself alittle better.

sometimes we never know how much time had passed until we sit down and count the years. today i realised its been 10 years since i moved out of jurongwest, 8 years since i met myLovelys, 3 years since i lost my mum and 1.5 years since i came into uni. all these milestones, these landmarks, these things which mark my life and made me who i am. i think im thankful cos it couldve been worse, and im definitely thankful for the people id met so far, even the annoying ones cos those helped me in my quest to better control my temper ha ha.

2008 better be good. dont annihilate that eternal optimist in me.


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  1. chongsthongs

    doesn’t really feel like its been 3 years, but 8 with us feels, believable somehow. I reckon we’ve all done pretty well for ourselves this year, and I also know that si being si- will come to miss sportsclub so much when its over, so do cherish it now (haha)! this year we turn twenty one, and there can be no other group of people I can look forward more to spending it with than you lot- thankfully most of it coincides with my summertime break (: I lubchoo long long babe, 8 years and counting many many, 2008 will be awesome ♥♥♥

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