show me a garden thats bursting into life

so like, what happens when youre sad ? do you be sad, or do you hide it ? if you be sad, youre being emo and kinda retarded cos really, being sad doesnt help anything. it doesnt improve doesnt change doesnt alter. if you dont be sad despite your feeling sad its kinda like hiding your feelings, and thats pretty unhealthy, and theres this huge-ass self-indulgent part of everyone i think which needs people to baby them alittle when theyre down -you know, shower alittle attention cos being alone on top of being sad is perhaps the saddest thing.

sometimes its like, now im sad, okay so then what ? a sad person shouldnt be worrying about these !


4 Commentaires

  1. fel


  2. su

    you be sad, then you become a little less sad, and then you get over it, till the next wave of sadness hits.

  3. chongs

    don’t be sad! and don’t disappear either! love you sihui 🙂

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