memories and dust

the titles a pun, an allusion to the golden compass, also known as the most torturous two (three?) hours of my life, trapped in the COLDEST theatre ever, awfully sleep-deprived and drained from flight and shopping and hence in no mood whatsoever for eliomiofioshio-meters and seraphinas and talking animals. so i was trying to sleep, curled in a rather uncomfy theatre chair and being miserable,


and thats gotta be the worst part of the trip. hahaa save for that, bangkok was a blast. minus the reservations initially about travel companions im not thaaat familiar with (theyre great to be with afterall !) and the stupid decision to catch half an hours sleep before the flight, its been a waaay nice respite.

much of the time we split into pairs to comb the areas and for once shopping was like, a duty, read: I CAME ALL THE WAY HERE SO I BETTER MAKE IT WORTH IT. an otherworldly experience, almost, and cos shopping overseas was always like playing with monopoly money it was like upside-down, heehee if you get what i mean. vanessa, eileen and newfound friend alicia were mean shopping partners and the last day i breathed in too much varnish fumes i think, i couldnt stop laughing ha haa. i wish id bought more though. more more more more ! shopping is The Solution to all things bad, and a gorgeous way to round up the year. ohmy and the winlose/draw and uno games the last night, sizzlers and the salad bar, and dunkindonuts ! ((: i miss bangkok (sortof) already, even though i missed singapore like mad when i was there, esp at night. being away from your cell and facebook and msn and all that is sort of empowering, in the weirdest way, like you dont have to be accountable to anyone or anything and for those few days its All About You, and thats a special something i think we all need everynow and then dont you think.


right now i cant wait for more get-togethers as the year draws to an end, with the festivities steaming up and i can smell the plastic christmas trees(: someone bring on snowflakes and red-nosed reindeers already !


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