oh, whine !

have you ever felt like your skin is decaying by the moment with every breath youre taking, owing to the 5 million breakouts youre having simultaneously, and youre bloated from mushrooms and peas (not satisfied though), and your hair feels shit-dry cos of the aircon, and your face just ballooned in the matter of weeks, and your fats seem almost viscuous, fluid around your body as you flip your pages of readings, and you seemed to have been pissy and curt to everyone who tried talking to you (and feel incredibly sorry after), and youre reading your notes your head screaming, « I DONT CARE I DONT CARE ABOUT CHILD LABOR! » and everything is just disgusting-disgusting.

even my uterus feels tired, the way it does everytime im having my period):


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  1. chongsthongs

    I’m having my period too and I mourn for my aching womb 😦 otherwise no I cannot identify with anything else you’ve written, its wayy too morbid! lighten up babe, on the bright side it’ll be over soon soon soon and u’re off to Bangkok in no time! talk to you soon okay, xxxx

  2. sii

    our biological cycles are synchronising across the oceans ! thats like, quite romantic hahaaa.
    and yeaa i knowww todays paper almost killed me. no tiiime, and my head was woozy. but yea onwards to the Bangkok((: ughh talk to you soon huns !

  3. thebeaumonde

    gosh I can almost imagine my uterus giving a tiny groan when I read the last line =\ ouch I hate periods. And its happening now! =(
    ok i have experienced this feeling of skin decaying & rotting and you just cant bear to look at yourself in the mirror. BUT yea, it’ll be over over all over soon!(: Think of that (:

  4. Yux

    siii. i think you can write very well. cos your entry makes me wanna cringe! hahaha. no can u see im kidding! but anyway, HUGS to you:) your exams will be over tmr (as i am typing this) so you’ll be much happier when i see you tmr!

  5. sii

    i think we have all synchronized our bio cycles ! haii.
    YES THANKYOUU ALL ITS GONNA BE OVER SOON. OHH VEE EEE ARRR. now i need to like, start studying.

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