emile durkheim is Genius

but in the same way that an animal colony whose members embody a continuity of tissue form one individual, every aggregate of individuals who are in continuous contact form a society. this division of labour can then be produced only in the midst of a pre-existing society .. what bring men together are mechanical causes and impulsive forces, such as affinity of blood,  attachment to the same soil, ancestral worship, community of habits, etc. it is only when the group has been formed on these bases that co-operation is organized there. further, the only co-operation possible in the beginning is so intermittent and feeble that social life, if it had no other source, would be without force and without continuity. with stronger reason, the complex co-operation resulting from the division of labour is an ulterior and derived phenomenon. it results from internal movements which are developed in the midst of the mass, when the latter is constituted. it is true that once it appears it tightens the social bonds and makes it a more perfect individuality of society. but this integration supposes another which it replaces. for social units to be able to be differentiated, they must first be attracted or grouped by virtue of the resemblances they present.

italics own.

here belies the problem of the 28th s*ortsclub ! hahaa durkheim is sheer genius, to be able so aptly summarize the one problem we had, for 5 months almost, trying to nip. we should outsource and get him to analyse the club as an organic community, to tell us where we’re lacking and what we should do, so mutual attraction can take place within the many individuals in the club, and indeed really, just so i can have less meetings owing to less problems. if i am not making much sense, it can either be because 1. you have not sat in any of the long drawn-out meetings to understand my frustration or 2. im much too impressed by durkheim’s foresight to string my words coherently.

also, katie melua is love. and so is adding album art to your itunes library. oh-so-therapeutic ! plus i cannot wait for after-Wednesday. 2am dessertbar and packing for bangkok and A Joyful FridayDinner and bangkokkk, finallyfinally. can you telll that i cannot wait can you can youuuu ?? (:


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  1. mag is love

    so troublesme must fill in email so must retype everything!

    anyways, i said.
    ITS MY FIRST TIME TAGGING (2nd time typing) so here i am; your love!!

    please buy me some stuff back from bkk i.e. clothes (cute tees will be greatly appreciated!) :D:D:D:D:D:D

    see ya on the 5th! cant wait ❤

  2. sii

    YOURE STILL SUPPOSED TO ASK IF YUX WANTS TO GO AFTER THE 8TH. but i guess it aint happening): okayyy i’ll look for cute tees and get them for youu if i find them and im not broke yet ! hee hee.
    5dec yux was saying 2am dessertbar (the one at hollandv) but i think we should do something moreee as well ! eyy you got alot of nightlife one, think of something !(:

  3. mag is love

    i stopped having nightlife!
    my nightlife now becomes mugging and redbull instead of clubbing and vodka.

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