if Kaya and Ketchup marry each other, their child will be the Most Beautiful Spread on Earth !


6 Commentaires

  1. sii

    the child doesnt have to be a literal mix of Kaya-Ketchup ! imagination, please.

  2. thebeaumonde

    hoho! like eating 1 mouthful of kaya and then after that another mouthful of peanutbutter (no ketchup for me please!) – and alternating between the 2!

  3. chongs

    imagination or not, still eeeeeew? its like, sin manifested in 2 of the most saturated condiments. I don’t like either any much anyway, hahaa.

  4. sii

    kaya and peanutbutter sounds confusing ! ee i think kaya and ketchup better. how can you not like ketchup ticky !:o

    and chongsy haha go away kaya is good and so is ketchup. i neutralize the poison with wholemeal bread ! and i swearr i can live by toastes wholemeal with kaya MY WHOLE LIFE. do you have kaya in londoonnn ??

  5. Bo

    Hey Si you mean it? As in it really really taste good???Hmm…maybe I’ll try next time when I go back to Sunny Island set in the sea. No kaya in London!Hey what is Ticky’s new blog add again?!!Sorry!

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