the pretty how town

oho yesterday was good ! despite the frenzied exams i had a class gathering of sorts, 20% in attendance, with yux lingee amanda. id missed that girl, her « free-spiritedness » her arty-ness! the way she moves (dancer-like and graceful) her unpretentious-ness. lunch at munchymonkeys and a mean catch-up session, on the sleepingbags and mattresses in the clubroom a la a pyjamas party, to quote amanda. i wouldve brought my camera, sorely under-utilized of late, but that would be almost blasphemous cos of the impending (or ongoing, or ending) finals. well so that meant complete and absolute annihilation of my studyplan yest leading to me being in a sorry state now cos todays studyplans been mucked up as well. and then i realised ive to rush to school to collect my french paper and (might as well) return the overdued librarybooks.

theres a picnic in planning and im snagging the picnic basket(: cannot wait.


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  1. thebeaumonde

    did you have a slumber party in the clubroom or something;) that sounds pretty cool actually haha
    anyways,only a few more papers to go right. all the best!
    (picnicking outdoors in this country is just impossible – im jealous of Bo! =\)
    hoho does she read this.

  2. sii

    (ticks is that you?)
    hahaa we didnt la, not a slumberparty, just laid on the mattresses and talked, in the middle of the day at 2pm i might add, so very NOT slumber. and ayee i knoww singapore outdoors is always sticky and humid and ants-infested. lets buy a plane to fly us to pretty picnickable gardens):

  3. Yux

    wheeee! eh it so felt like a pj partee lah. arts students must have imagination okay. ooh! i miss us!

  4. sii

    HI YUX youre around !

  5. thebeaumonde

    yep thats me 😉

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