its bad that im judging people. the people on the sartorialist look good, so good im painfully envious, but when some local style-critic wannabe (an nus grad, i found out) initiates a similar project amongst you and me it feels weirdly pretentious. like those clothes look misfitting and poseur on singaporeans. i wish i dont feel that way, had i been intoxicated by the internet and angmohs? ):


7 Commentaires

  1. vicky

    heh i love Paris!

  2. apocketfulofposies

    yea and singapore falls way short of paris. hahaa): WE ARE TRAITORS.

  3. You guys aren’t traitors Si!! Hahaha. I might be the ultimate traitor because I loathe Singapore 😐

  4. I love your new blog btw!! How did you get your template looking so classy! *envious* Anw take care dear (:

  5. sii

    hahaha traitors, us all.
    and wordpress is so convenient blogspot is so overrated. it lets you customize your header ! and everything else just falls into place. quite a bitch that you cant choose your fontfaces or sizes though :/

  6. vicky

    but this font is alright! i like it 😉 yea, im getting sick of blogspot. and i dont like livejournal because its so ugly =|

  7. sii

    and i dont know how to use livejournal ! like how to customize the template and all that. so im at wordpress:/ come wordpress too ! be converted !

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