i am convinced im freaking out. i had a horrible nap just now, 2 hours stolen from my usual fumanrenjian timeslot from 430 to 630. in my dream this cousin called and ask hows revision and that my other cousin had already revised 15 times through so how am i progressing and am i stressed. and then i got reminded that ive, as well, a math test (!) and i was desperately trying to call su to ask if we really do have a math test and omgosh i cant believe i forgot ive a math test and theennn i got reminded that i have, as well, a chinese test (!!). so i was scrambling all over the place trying to confirm my exam timetable. after i woke up i checked the exam directory immediately, of course. i mustve been twitching like mad (the way you subconsciously do when youre having a not-happy dream, or one physically shocking like a fall down the stairs -i get that ALL THE TIME) just now.


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  1. nette

    siiiii =( i totally get what u mean. last night i dreamt tt i was running aimlessly ard and tt i was trying to escape frm smthn and yet trying to find smthn too. didnt qt make sense but i woke up unhappy haha. hope uve better dreams tonight! =) relax ok!

  2. apocketfulofposies

    sort of ! i dreamt, i was in arts trying to find my way to the science block. some shuttlebus. then there was this verybusy road, and some friend took out a remotecontrol and turned on all the red trafficlights so we could cross. then there were this coolbeans private buses !
    hahahaa ayee hope your night was good too(:

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