once in awhile i want terribly to go missing, just for the heck of it. hide the cell phone behind a book on the topmost shelf, delete the facebook account and msn and blog, and refuse all home phone calls. then i would go on borders shopping spree and stock up on trashy magazines and books i always finger but didnt want to spend money on. i would live on tao gay (my favourite veggie !), fishballs with ketchup, edamame peas, canned tuna, frozen grapes, toasted bread with crunchy peanutbutter and greentea (to neutralize everything else on my greedy list). i would also have dinner at home everyday, maybe cook some soup from time to time. when i wake up in the morning i would walk to salvation army/ coldstorage and back, then i would watch the nanny, oprah and judging amy all day long and listen to jaychou all night long.

i think that sounds Very Awesome !


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  1. su

    si your greedy list isn’t v greedy.

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