at 5 am,

nette says:
i want to be a star
suu says:
toothpaste shouldn’t turn into foam as you brush your teeth
suu says:
it’s gross
suu says:
do you know that i once put rice onto my unbaked pie crusts WITHOUT THE FOIL LAYER
suu says:
and the rice got baked INTO the pastry

and a couple other conversation windows i closed before i could copy anything. kare and i were satc-gushing (as usual), turquoise-highlighter-bitching (as usual), dec-hols-planning (as usual !); vanessa and i were talking about sep and beirut. at 0500H its a little overwhelming, and i feel lightheaded already haha i dont know
but i believe the point of this entry, is to say that i love msn alot cos it lets me talk to my lovable weirdass quirky friends at oddest hours and leaves me crawling into bed feeling like id breathed in nitrous oxide(:

that was beloved petes place. eyes of mushroom, tongue of pepperoni and smiles and fingers of capricciosa (?) pizzacrust hahaha.


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