i just skipped a french lecture to have macs breakfast.
disgusting ! and my face is enormous. and im breaking out and exams are in afew weeks time and omgg someone help im ballooning.


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  1. Jf

    ok..it’s all my fault..sorry sii..

    (it feels better to hv someone to point ur finger at.)

  2. si

    you better be sorry when i get my lousy french grades back.

  3. vick

    gym! (: i discovered the real fully equipped gym today!!

  4. vick

    haha near my house. hehh my 1st time (: quite fun laa, except that its abit embarrassing trying to use weird machines that work the inner thighs coz the position is just so – gross =\

  5. si

    chey i thought you meant in school ! ehh we should go er do something fat-burning together soon. maybe sat you me and fel should go run around the track instead of stuffing our faces as usual:/ ha ha.

  6. Jf

    hmmm..gym shd really consider banning these inner-thigns-training-machines. it’s SUPER distractg for others, like me, who happened to be lifting weights somewhere near tt machine. smtimes, i fear sustaining internal injuries if my eyes happened to wander to the wrong places..and also, strangely only girls have the courage to use them. so far, i’ve yet to see a man use it before(at least, the one in NUS gym). -_-

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