On s’est connus, on s’est reconnus,
On s’est perdus de vue, on s’est r’perdus d’vue
On s’est retrouvés, on s’est réchauffés,
Puis on s’est séparés

in a la folie pas du tout, audrey tautou was this gorgeous art student crazy in love (and thats an understatement) with the cardiologist. the audience first gets her side of the story, then everything rewinds in the freakiest way and they see his side- and voila, everything was audrey tautou being nothing less than neurotic.
a change of perspectives can be enlightening sometimes.


10 Commentaires

  1. ingenue

    he loves me, he loves me not! I liked it enough but it was kindof forgettable, ythink?
    anyway hiii hiii babe you still haven’t emailed me. no one emails me anymore as promised. all of you suck :((

  2. si

    chonggs EMAILS COMING RIGHT UP, pinky promise. and the movie wasnt fantastic but i dig how audreytautou is so gorgeous chongssss iwannalooklikeher.
    and maggie, cheem what sai !(:

  3. ingenue

    did you watch hors de prix (isthathowyouspellit)? don’t you think she was soo much hotter there, like she went through this major dieting/toning/tanning process between those films, hahaha.

    okay PINKIEPROMISE ahh.

  4. si

    ayee no i didnt watch hors de prix. i have 500 films i was dying to catch but didnt in the end. oh oh chongsy didyou knoww theres a new hongkong movie out with miukiuwai. hee heee(:

  5. ingenue

    who the hell is miu kiu wai???

  6. si

    oh you dont know ah ! CHEYY. you lousy ! only su knows. CALL YOURSELF A TVB-WATCHER.
    did you watch the police show?? with ron ng ? lee-sir !

  7. ingenue

    oh! DUDE I’m all the way in londres how am I supposed to keep up with TVB? but I think I do know though, is it sui4 yue4 feng1 yun2 something? to prove I’m a trueblue hardcore fan only deterred occasionally by circumstances- I’ve made myself a tudou account so I can access the entire 55 episodes of that series! but I just haven’t, uh, started watching. hahaha.
    and si you DARESAY. I started on TVB and allthingscanto when you were still in your QIONGYAO phase, you DARESAYYYYY.

  8. su


  9. si

    su is a voyeur.
    and chongs!, im mortified. qiongyao is good. as good as tvb. (yes miukiuwai is in suiyuefengyun ! that guy !)

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