this week, i have the friday, saturday and sunday ALL TO MYSELF. for my own disposal. activities to my own discretion. spontaneous dates. no tuition kids, no meetings, no appointments. nada. zilch. life is wonderful ! so it had been abit of town, abit of shopping, abit of hanging-out, alot of cabfare. friday with my favourite people, after a shameless number of pangseh-ed dinnerdates. got pasta got chocolate mantous with chocolate sauce, got grapes and papayas, got good (not humid) weather, got mel’s patio(: and haji lane was good this time, with icecream and surprisingly good buys. the jap vintage shop which smelt awful!, but has the cheapest vests. and the 49$ dress which i still like (but my girls still dont like). then timbre which was alittle boring but it was good to see the run people again, after 4759878 months.
sportsclub does good things, some rare times(;

omg im aching ! i think its gonna rain soon):

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  1. vick

    ooh! who’s that(:

    anyway i love your camera! or isit photoshop. or what. the saturated hues make the photos look so nice (:

    oeei. can we stop going billy bombers haaa
    & bo says she doesnt anyhow change her facebook status onee la. haha and she orders you & fel to email her!

  2. si

    hahaha whos that whos that ?? -blinks
    anyways its not taken with my cam leh i used my friends k800i ! i think im a good adobe-ist(; ayee i owe alot of people emails ! ): worse than my readings lo. i need another midterm break just for readings, and emails. haha !

  3. vick

    haa yea k800i rocks! but my photos dont turn out like yours so i think its photoshop =x

  4. fel

    haaaa she orders us to email her? heh my readings are slowlyyyyy piling up & im getting frustrated with venn diagrams & balancing accountssssss! bahhhhhh

  5. J|ng

    hey I’m here I’m here, how can I miss out on this!Eh Fel did email me which I have yet to reply her!!!Sheesh. Yr 2 is reaallly hectic and I really can’t brag about what a wonderful slacker life I used to have anymore =(. The lecturers are going so fast that they can finish a stack of slides in just one lecture. And one of them has this hot Spanish/Latin American accent which doesn’t help things.ANYWAY, ya please stop going to billy ok. I’m like eating self-cooked food everyday =( SOBZ.

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