i seem to have a knack for uncovering the best hideaway roofs. in nj there was the suonists’ practiceplace, arguably the Most Romantic amongst all others, at the rooftop overlooking the track, with some potted plants to boot. in noos right outside the clubroom theres this platform that juts out, overlooking the pool -you just have to climb over the ledge.
i like that everything is so quiet at night. the pool surface is all smooth and you can see cars on the roads nearby, but you cant hear them cos theyre not close enough. then the yellow lights around the pool, the lighted buildings on the far right and left. then you plug in your music, play and replay your favourite tracks, draw your knees to your body, and wonder why the night makes so much sense. theres nobody around, its not unbearably hot like in the day, everything seems to move slower and more comfortably and even the air feels cleaner.
i like that whenever i stayover in school it seems the normal chronological rules dont apply. at 12am meetings commence, at 2am i bathe, at 3am i study, at 4am i sit at the rooftop with my music, at 6am i sleep, at 11am i wake up. without my dad around grounding the rules and with the freedom to walk in and out of my room (in this case, the sportsclubroom), everything goes topsyturvy quite easily. i can walk around the school at 4am and no one will think im off the rockers.
very emo, very shiok.


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