its amazing how the clock numbers just skip and skip when im on the comp, and when im doing readings they just stay put. it must be some funny lawofphysics which i am not aware of, and will never be aware of. id been shamefully unproductive since id woken up, finishing up only half of a stupid reading AND IM SO ANNOYED AT MY LACK OF PRODUCTIVENESS. really reminds me of the diagram in the primaryschool sci textbook,

under which will be the big fat caption: NO WORK IS DONE.
truth is facebook and sgselltrade isnt even that engaging. seriously WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING?? for this whole stupid week and the weeks to follow, i suspect. and everytime my smoobabes tell me theyre busy doing this, studying that, rushing this, preparing that, i feel oddly displaced haha like hm whats happening to my schoolyear.
on a brighter note, i had figured out whens every single midtermpaper ! yayy no more worrying about missed deadlines and shmucks like that(:
p/s the Diet is not going as well as planned.

6 Commentaires

  1. vick

    i totally get what you mean babe! urgh. i dont know why im still online all the time. theres nothing much to do! but hehh i still do that rather than to read my notes. arghh i think im like 3weeks behind

  2. su

    haha siiii you just made me laugh ! 😀

    i miss you.

  3. si

    ticks ! 3weeks only ah. hahaha i think you not bad already. why not, next time you mug at centrallibrary ask me along too. sigh):
    and suu haha i miss you too. monday lunch can anot !

  4. fel

    i tried making pancakes today… but it tasted v doughy! den i tot of YOU.
    DUN DIET LA, lets go gym instead ok (:

  5. si

    pancakes ! so cool. i got maplesyrup at home. bring on sat leh. anyways ticks cant make it right, so its just
    you and me, and me and you !

  6. fel

    loserbestfren, u take care ok!! dun overwork urself!!

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