im crazy ive SHITLOADS of notes to clear (and it really takes forever to get through one single money business and socialnetwork article) and i had been online for close to 5 hours doing DONT KNOW WHAT. sometime in between i packed my closet too -and found some forgotten clothes ha haa thankGod for Surprise Stashes. whats wrong with meee why this inertia to mug ! omgg !
well on the bright side, im finally feeling the urgency. and its biting me bad i.e. i cant go to sleep without planning what im gonna do tmr. its been a long while since id felt this guilty about not-mugging and i think, its good. maybe tmr i’ll spend 4 hours online, wed 3 hours etc etc and saturdaynight i’ll start mugging, for real.
acccckkk i dont like the studying part of school ha ha haa.


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  1. That\’s fantastic. I like way you present it

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