a bunch of random lines jump out at me everyday all the time at all places. random lines i want to write down on post-its and stick everywhere in my room, maybe cos they sound so quirky so outofthisworld so beautiful, or maybe just strike a chord. at the very least, i want them to go on my msn personal message, though it can house only one at a time.

/your lovers screaming loudly, hear a sound and hit the ground
/whos gonna light up the sky?
/and all the lights start to yellow and fade
/the doctrine of mutual arising; that everything, all the time, is causing everything else
/its been so long, ive lost my taste, say angel come, say lick my face, let fall ur dreams, i’ll play the part, i’ll open this mouth wide, eat your heart
/momentarily im standing froze, then i jump between the gap, land on the platform flat
/dans l’tourbillion dans la vie
/dream catch me when i fall, or i wont come back at all

they dont make sense, not really ha ha.


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  1. vick

    hahaa you can write a song!

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