its funny how many people are on facebook during lectures !
and im slightly worse than those facebookers cos im bloggin as well, shame on me.


4 Commentaires

  1. lynnette

    qing ai de~
    rest early today ok? haha uve crossed over to the dark side but still u shldnt compromise on ur rest! take care k! =)

  2. vick

    its better to blog & facebook than to just facebook during lectures! 😉 you’re doing all the thrashy stuff together at once haha increases efficiency.
    ok i dont know what im sayingg

  3. J|ng

    haha shit just as everyone is so in touch with facebook, me this lazy bum becomes out of touch!Hey Si is IT savvy eh, she knows how to do collage which this stupid Bo doesn’t know ok.

  4. si

    hahaa bobo you better facebook more often now that youre no longer without geographical reach (once again).
    and ticccks omg youre so warped.

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