like a clogged up sewage system im trying to squeeze too many things into too little time and i wish time will stretch itself infinitely so i can
do everything. and still meet people ! like chongs and bobo who’re leaving too too soon. and some overdue hightea buffet, petesplace lunch and chayuan and library date. and dinner with the old man at home,
but at the same time i want to (try to) get to know all those people and am also uncharacteristically psyched about this Fall Into The Drain.
clogged up sewage system !
i need to purge.


5 Commentaires

  1. su

    I DON’T LIKE SI. >(

  2. J|ng

    Come I know plumbing so maybe i can help.hohoho. Si i wanted to shop today but was so lazy to ask around!SLAP ME!

  3. lynnette

    hi si! i hope uve gone home and am not in sch nw! rest well ok =)

  4. si

    hahaa bobo why slap you ! i was kinda shopping today and there wasnt much ! geeee this season stinks.
    and nettee ha ha i am still in school but youre not online anymoree):

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