lately its been loadsa hanging-out and being-happy and catching-up

and wayyy too little school.
omgg this is so bad. today for the first time i felt bad for cutting class cos i didnt intend to cut and i overslept): im a very awful student ! and i hope i wont be having a helluva time catching up when i finally have to. i should start actively engaging myself in intellectual activities like sitting in a lib and clearing notes (i miss those year1 days when im so (much more) disciplined). but owells as far as im concerned, scholarly responsibilities aside (hahahaa) this weeks been good. mel’s 20th -some 80 flowers and mystical violet dye; the sportsbash -so long goodbye sportsclub; fel ticks and bo sunday morning and last night -the former a Very Surprising Breakfast (no photos cos i looked gross) and the latter a more normal dinner cum shopping trip(: no wonder i overslept ! i think it was some accumulated fatigue from last week or so.

aww my life is really good these days(: i hope all my babes studying overseas dont have to leave so soon. and maybe everyone i like should live in the same house as me so i dont have to go out too often. and also that one week should have more days cos i would like to have dinner at home more often.
oh and more time for studying, too.
chongs coming back from hongkonggg tmr so next week will probably see to more time with myLovelys before the Jetsetting One leaves for london veryvery soon. gnurghh not enough time not enough timeeee !
ahahahaa im tipsy.

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