between complaining and working and working while complaining there’d been a whole lot of love at the dempsey area this week, which on retrospect feels awfully long. monday twas ps cafe with yux and mag in celebration of mags 20th -we paid a hefty price for a really chichi dinner, but i love the place shitloads and wouldnt mind going back there at all(: just one year short of knowing mag for 10years and ive got to say if anything remotely good had came out of run it would be spending so much time with this primaryschool friend its almost like making up for the few times we’re met up in secschool/jc years(: as with yux, dear friend whod been with me since j1 but id never really gotten to talk to until uni, thankgoodness for that. though scps sometimes ripped me away from existing socialcircles (i am ashamed to recount the number of fridaydinners id skipped in the name of bi and run) im thankful there’re still things which justified the long and unreasonable hours(;
on wed it was a superearly birthday lunch with kare and nette when kare made her little poignant speech (haha) and with food reminiscient of our nj days. hahaa we do eat alot when we’re together, but isnt eating the most social activity ever(: i miss islandcreamerys very berry already.

and yesterday! crystaljade dinner and drinks at oosh. i didnt think i was wasted, at all. until i saw chongs’ photos and got ah face got abit red and eyes got watery. haha ayee so it was blindfolds and all the works, including a most unglamorous but considerate toilet visit.
well i had a lot of fun last night, so thankyouu* lovelys, including the one in yunnan who sweetly called back but kept getting scolded by me in my half-wasted stupor.
i love birthdays, especially mine HAHA.

3 Commentaires

  1. J|ng

    hmm!!!And Sunday is our turn!Can I make you do something crazy…please??I’ll do it with u…I promise!

  2. si

    hahaa that sounds very scary WHAT ARE YOU GONNA MAKE ME DOOO ?
    (but okay anything as long as i get to see you babes !(: )

  3. mag-

    hey babe! love you and your cam. it makes everybody look pretty! and happy belated! sorry for being such a bitch at Run! 😦

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