finally when i get down to wanting to start on the stack of dvds everything went wrong. lolita plays mute on compaqs default dvdplayer and a ma soeur plays without the english subtitles. on mediaplayer everythings mute. u-carmen just jams everything up. im desperate enough to try my dusty pc but i dont have a twopin plug for my amplifier cos i conveniently relocated some shmucks when i thought i’ll be using matilda for good.
wahlaueh. not i picky ah, but WAHLAUEH.
maybe dvds at an ungodly hour is just wrong. ayyyks):


3 Commentaires

  1. ingenue

    oops for my sister?

  2. si

    haha mais oui ma cherie ingenue pour sa soeur !
    im trying to clear asap so she can have the dvds back but in the end i was so exhausted trying to play those discs i fell asleep after the 5th try, or something. ayye.

  3. J|ng

    Haha hmmm how about reading a book?Nah kidding!read a BOOK?WTH!!hey we should do a movie marathon someday…someday when you all are not so busy!

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