these girls, together with harrypotter and ronweasley, make some mean company. last night we had a belated birthday celebration -a somewhat haphazard dinner which we initially intended as something like a picnic but surely evolved into a sandwich-making session in the comfort of lido’s shelter(: we also had hotsoup and fibre in the form of salad, thanks to mosburger ha ha. for awhile it felt like recess at sc, but of course this was more elaborate cos its our favourite kare’s 20th !

aww kare and nette are love. im so thankful that nj had at least given me something (or two) to keep snug with me all my life, hopefully, together with the knowledge of my economic ineptitude(; if only we can all have abit more time with one another before the birthdaygirl flies off to canada again in the blink of an eye ha ha.
(and i had to nick these photos off kare from facebook. i miss my camera !)


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