if you spread peanut butter on hot waffles (and by that i mean the confectionary sweeheng/ prima deli green waffles, not the angmoh waffles) when the waffles cool down completely you get crispy peanut butter in those soft little green squares. veryyy nice(: on top of my random favourite foods list are definitely these waffles (eaten cold though the peanutbutter must be spread when the waffles piping hot, to avoid peanut goo) and boiled fishballs in ketchup (a weird liking which origins i trace back to the sc yongtaufoo stall) ha ha.
food fantasies. yum.


3 Commentaires

  1. Jf

    !#$%@#% u sihui! hate u lor! i’m now in my room here at NYC, it’s 1+ am now…SUPER hungry wif nothg to eat…then dunno why hand itchy, go click on ur blog..now, saliva going to burst frm my mouth alrd lah! i’m SUPER deprived frm spore food after almost 3 mths here lah!!! ok..muz steer away frm ur blog frm now on until i go back to spore.. -_-

  2. vick

    !!!! i do the same thing too(: i used to buy plain waffles and then spread thick layers of peanut butter & then heat them up myself. OMGSH the peanut butter MELTS and its piping hot!!!! (:(:

  3. mellie

    si can you please remove this non-anonymous comment thing! anyway. SI!! i’ve been trying to describe to you precisely this phenomenon about them waffles! yummy right!!! i swear THEIR peanut butter is the BEST.

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