i was alittle disappointed by deathlyhallows, maybe i was expecting something more. somewhere along the way it became an i-better-finish-it-cos-ive-to-sleep-soon, rather than the obligatory im-dying-to-know-what-happens!. as with halfbloodprince i suppose, for i remember it being quite dry somewhere in the middle but everything picked up pace towards the end, punctuated of course by dumbledores death. im not sure if its cos i finished too fast, but dear harry became alittle too deliberating and emo for my liking, and voldemort just annoying and rather predictable. and there were numerous commotion scenes (like « HARRY ! HARRY ! » « RON, WHERE ARE YOU? » « HERMIONE? HERMIONE ! » « HARRY ?? » then almost all the time everything ends with bright flashes of light and harry feels a tight constriction and (again) they end up somewhere, badly injured.) when ive the tendency to skim over and hence miss many details and hence have to go back and re-read afew pages later.
well its over and done with, this little wizard and his little friends who had been with us since secondaryschool, and kept us waiting and made us spend a shameless amount of money on the books and movietickets and all other related merchandise, not to mention endless hours poring over dumbledoreisnotdead.net after halfblood.
now its officially back to malorytowers -good old enidblyton and midnight feasts(:


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  1. fel

    i was like skimming through ur entry reallyyyy fast cos i tot u’ll like blog about THE person who died. haha
    i havent read the last book yet! ehh lend me leh. haha i’m so not a harrypotter fan but i need something to tide through my boredom at work =/

  2. si

    haha im not thaaat mean. i know there’re people who havent read the book ! anyways caan i’ll lend you the book ! ha ha but my brothers reading it now and hes a damnn slow reader. like one day read 2pages kind, so er, wait okay(:
    ha ha and speaking of bored i bought babysittersclub to read in the hod room today (unfortunately i was housed there cos the staffrooms full) and yea got abit paiseh. ayee.

  3. fel

    BABYSITTERs and HOD ROOM?!? they dock ur pay den u noe. and i’m damn boredddd!!! actually i havent even read the last haryypotter book! maybe u can lend me the previous book!

    Siiii i’m bored. If only we worked together hor. sighhhh

  4. si

    i knoww. its odd how i miss The School when im trapped sleeping alone in the HOD room in seemingly friendly environment. ha ha.
    you want come join me not. my table very big also):

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