i bought a hamster today ! hahaa not for myself but omgg say aww isnt it the cutest thing. its downright boring though all it does is scurry around the alpine (?) and sleep and eat and sleep. but its still aww-worthy enough for me to keep snapping photos during my tuition session (bad bad tutor) and be morethanalittle oblivious towards my tutee who keeps getting distracted by this furball (as well). i mean, look at the fat ass ha ha doesnt it crack you up(: i was truly thinking about getting a hamster ! since they dont need to be bathed and eat grains and are cute enough and can sit quietly, sort of, in a little fishtank at the edge of my desktop with minimal attention.
but then i remembered how su’s squeak dropped hair tufts and thats gross so nevermind, im not very animalloving anyway ha haa. i would still want a puppy which will never grow too big though((: cos they would be black and small and hairy. but then i wouldnt want to have to toilettrain and feed and walk them and pick up their poo and have them yip and whine in the house.
when i was in p3 my friend lent me his tamagotchi to babysit for the afternoon and it died after 2hours in my house and i was eternally remorseful. i think, animals are good to look at and good to play with but keeping them can be abit mafan, hwattchoo think.


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