broke as a pauper (so maybe im exaggerating alittle, but just alittle) si the moneywhore emerged and unabashedly crawled through the gates of an moe institution yesterday and today morning. put down your dignity and earn 130$. there is diminishing respect for the term teacher. i dont know about the rest, but back when i was a wee p6er if my teacher as much as raised his/her voice at me i would cower and tremble and feel very remorseful. currently, p6ers treat teachers with minimal respect and i had had the same stupid boy refusing to get out of the classroom and actually jerking his things back from my hands. if not for the fact that this is a primaryschool and parents are just bigger scalawags than their children and no, i do not want to soil my rt record in moe, i would have thrown his bag down the window and said fuckyou yes YOU to his smug oily face. then there are the same few jabberheads and annoying pricks but other than that, yes all is fine and i am glad 130$ is being tucked crisp in my pocket after this ordeal. (well not really, since the money only gets cashed in 8aug. ) s’like a recurring nightmare,
except i chose to go back to it, ha ha.
children disgust me and i hate them.
hahaa but i brought them to the sound-proof computerlab during the quadruple-period slot and (irresponsibly) let them make a racket without running the risk of myself getting screwed by other teachers(: when they have their ickle heads in headphones and playing retarded web flash games they make much less noise than when doing english practicepapers anyway. well then after my 2-days-long Return to The Workforce i thought i deserve a treat so, inspired by ikea’s poached salmon which i always am too giamsiap to buy, i bought back salmon and broccoli and made myself a gooood tv lunch. and somehow, when you no longer have to go back to school the next day, everything looks prettier and you dont need a reason to be triggerhappy(:
being jobless is good. if only i get paid for being jobless.

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