its been awhile ! friday the 13th and birthday/s the 14th. one 20th birthday and one 21st. one cosy hotplate home dinner (AFTER SO LONGG) and one which we had to trudge all around clarkequay to find a quite tucked-away settlers. hahaa but come to think of it we spent more time talking and and eating (my stupid puny chickencutlet) than playing games. we didnt even finish cranium ! oh we finished one slamwich though hurhurrrrr i hate slamming games I NEVER GET ANY CARDS gnurgh.

but still, happy21st to an old-enough friend and hope you were sufficiently surprised by a notsosurprising surprise(: now youre forever indebted to turn up for run nus on 18aug hurhurr.
i realised these are the first birthdays id celebrated this year ! two at one go somemore, no mean feat. no wonder this weekend felt alittle festively overwhelming and i spent a substantial amount of my sunday sleeping ha haa. hurr but the way we’re outdoing ourselves everyyear i think somewhere around our 25ths we wont have anything to do anymore. sit around and twiddle thumbs haha.
but well, while we’re still young and bright sparks, happyhappybirthdays to the Birthday Girl and Birthday Boy and geez i amaze myself how long entry i had managed, just about nothing in particular(:

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  1. ingenue


  2. si

    hahaa yea it does doesnt it. nauseating too ! but it cracks me up dont you think its cute ! dont stare at it too long, la;)

  3. mag-

    the tee is cute!!

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