(okay someone obviously doesnt like taking photos with me much, pooh. ) anyways we had lunch at ma maison, somewhere surprisingly quaint and small and according to lishi and her crunchyroll shows, quite authentically japanese(: the food wasnt todiefor, but i loved that everythings so rickety and woody and paisley/floralprinted- my latest fetish. see this !

my house would have paisley wallpapers in good colours, and God forbid that one day i will grow sick of paisley, cos then i’ll have to revamp my whole house ha ha.
speaking of houses im dying to remove my comp table and do something about the big expanse of wall (or as big as my teeny room can be) behind it. something exciting, like
and if this post hadnt already veered off more randomly, oh, i really want transparent bookcases and a kelly green set of cookware !
p/s all you guys can come over to have dinner ! ((:
(i say i dont want to get married ah, is fake one.)
my house, is gonna be very gorgeous and homely.
hahaa when i end up in a 4room toapayoh apartment with mismatched furniture from the suburban shops, 2 annoying brats who pee on my head, and big chinese woks in a too-small kitchen, i reserve the right to laugh at myself.
anyhow after lunch we battled the bugismarket maze and didnt get much -actually we didnt get anything cos i was broke, and consequentially miserable and giamsiap; my cousin was tired, and consequentially picky and giamsiap. then i slept over, and i really miss having someone to mother me. someone who cooks and asks and gossips and fusses and makes the very same insane statements and just does so much domestic hen-clucking. it was just really, really nice. sometimes you think youre all settled and had broken out of a mould, then you realised all youd done was to push it all to some corner. i think it never would « heal » because its not really a damage, but a cavity. and cavities, theyre not as bad as damages so its okay. it just aches once in awhile then it goes away and all is good again.

2 Commentaires

  1. Jf

    you are not alone…! well, if u need smone to whine to, can always feel free to look me up! msn lah, email lah, wadever method u can think of to reach me! \o/


  2. si

    hahaa ey thanks thats very sweet(: when you come back laa ! im blogspying you but you havent been updating ha ha. see you around when youre around !(:

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