okay i LOOOVE it when i get good recipes and amazing things come out of my oven. much encouraged by su’s attempt, i tried the Lots of Crumb Cake from bakingbites tonight after dinner, and it was easy ! i didnt even need my handmixer (speaking of which i went to harveynorman to drool at the standmixers just now, theyre crazy 800bucks ! i might as well go buy myself a nigellalawson or marthastewart.) so the mixings done in half an hour, with a fork. ha ha. and there was no folding in eggwhites for this really good cake, so there !
wheeee im so happy about this cake ! the perfect tea cake ! like a mega muffin with alot of streusel topping ha ha. and ive excess unbaked crumb in my fridge cos i used a tin which was smaller than what the recipe called for. i think that translates to some banana muffins reeeaaall soon(:

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