an amazing day shrank into an essence. yesterday compressed the beach/tanning, sakaebuffet and kbox all in one long extended day. extended cos we met at 1000 and officially left one another at 0200(: after one whole year we spent one whole day together and i cant think straight now cos i woke up 90minutes ago and does suntanning make you ache ? 😦
i woke up late and went there alittle too groggy for suntanning, but the sun woke me up rudely, and then we had the rudimentary girltalk which extended beyond, licked the glaze off the melting sweet dozen of krispys, met The Boyfriend, were pseudo-asleep;), got uglyly scorched together (including a slab of bakwa), stuffed our faces silly at sakae in the humid salty air, shopped !, jumped all over the kbox couches, had sporadic bouts of exhaustion, and ate alot of nuts.


10 Commentaires

  1. fel

    🙂 i love your camera! everything looks so clear snd nice!! 🙂
    my backbone is aching too, for some reason. i suspect its due to too much jumping on the sofa over at jurongeast. wat you thinkkkk?
    and pleaseeee dont facebook my ugly pictures ok? 🙂

  2. mag-

    kbox and beach! that was what we were supposed to do, SI!

  3. si

    hahaha fel you got ugly pictures MEHHH all so prettty my loserbestfriend<3 i'll send you all the photos soon ! we've scary 92 photos !:s
    and magg ha ha sorry ! but we can do it too(: its good fun !

  4. Jf

    smhow, ur beach series photos reali look good..and the stitchg of many many photos into one is smthg i always wanted to learn yet still dun know how to do it..sianzz..

  5. si

    eyy HELLOO my american friend !(: howre you doing !
    and thankyouuu* i think its the sun that made everything look so good ! esp the krispykremes ha ha. and aiyahh photostiching no need skills one, go download picasa ! hehe. dont say i dont share secret ah;)

  6. fel

    with good looking people to hang around with, you dont need any skills to have nicepretty beach-ed series photos, right siiii?

  7. si

    hahaha true also true also ! my loserbestfriend skin really quite thick(;

  8. vick

    my legs were aching yesterday! im not burnt though. And your camera really rocks! Ok and you’re a great photographer too haha (:

  9. si

    my nose and cheeks and lips are peeling. im flaking away): next time lets just go read books in the library.

  10. Jf

    picasa…ooo…ok ok…thks! 😉 and i think when i go back spore, u ppl ll definitely be awed by e american accent i’ve picked up here. WAHAHAHAHA! till then, take care!

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