i baked something today. chocolate and strawberry galette. even though when i went ingredients-shopping i had in mind the double chocolate torte and i shopped according to the recipe for strawberry shortcake. ah. no wonder my galette wasnt anything fantastic): im buying icecream back tmr to go with the galette hoping it’ll bring it together cos right now its nothing to shout about. the first id baked something and too shamed to be posted on my blog. haii.
this weeks been a slow one. after not having dinner at home for quite afew nights last week im back to bumming ard at home watching tudou and scouring recipes and looking at cool design blogs ripped off a classmate’s (one much estranged and whom i secretly think is quite cool) links, like oh joy! and designsponge and my favourite, b comme bon, a recipe archive in glorious french.
it also recently came to my attention that i talk too much ha ha. i never noticed i can go on and on about nothing in general ! and my sms outbox ALWAYS has more messages than the inbox, even though i clear both of them around the same times:
oh and it seems a lost mail, namely a gap skirt, may be finding its way to its rightful owner after all !(: the kind spree organizer dropped me an email asking for my mailing add for verification of a mail which apparently bounced back. gooooood. i was just thinking i badly need a denim skirt in my wardrobe. speaking of which shopping is becoming a headache cos im running out of clothes to wear out and my bank balance is starting to look reallllyy pitiful. ayye. but not working has its perks -this is the first hols im having which i REALLY feel like ive rested enough ! in secschool/jc we always had truckloads of assignments to clear (and commons to mug for) during the last week, which translates to several sleepless nights towards the end of the vacation, which stinks. now, quite shiok(:
im going to look for another recipe for this week to neutralize the lousy galette sitting in my fridge now. ha ha gnights all !(:


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  1. ingenue

    orrr horrr horrrr snort snort I know who that « classmate (one much estranged whom I secretly think is quite cool) » is !!!!! I think. orrr horrhorrrhorrr I tell mel *wags fingers.

    hahahaha, helllllooooo. friday dinner, tres bien? (I know shite if that made sense!) and lets go wala’s okay, with or without mr big 😉

  2. si

    tres bien ! mais its just you me and nette ha ha ha cos su and mel have birthdays to go to. can la can very cozymozy(:

  3. J|ng

    hey si~shit can we like bake together??Your cakes look delicious even from London!!I need to learn a few tricks from you~!!So that I can bake for Bevin…and!!I’m flying back tmr!!I got u vic and fel something each…hee

  4. si

    hey babee ! can can. MESSAGE ME when youre back safe and sound okay(: talk to you reaaaal soon !

  5. vick

    its 3.23am, i just ate a small cream puff, a rice dumpling , my superly delicious hazelnut wafer, drank lots of green tea(as if it helps), a banana,3 wine gummies =\ And when I read your blog & look at all your lovely photos I feel hungry again!!!!!!!!arrrhhhh(:

  6. si

    oyeaaaahh your neapolitan wafer was SO gorgeous haha i think angmoh food not bad. wafers and krispykremes and macaroons omg i think i should live in angmoh-land ! you guys should come over for a bakeathon ! we can lick the batter together ! yumyum ! (:

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