i feel adventurous. we ventured into some unexplored terrains today ! haji lane and its few atas shops. very minimalist, with the hefty pricetags, lavender incense, and (the occasional) dao salesgirls. but the some stuffs are really cute ! i wish ive monehh (and am skinnier, cos the stuff there fit thigh one). we spent like 45minutes scouring through the racks, and more than double the time weaving through fabric shops out to rip tourists off trying to decide if THAT IS ALL TO THE RAVED HAJI LANE. turns out we either couldnt navigate out of the single stretch of shops, or it really was all): so we headed back to civilization a few streets away for brunch at 3 and mj left mag and me to while away our time at bugisstreet and icon then some hongkong cafe at 8ishhh for late dinner. yumm. bugis has nice food. and bugisstreet has some goooood bargains, shame its not airconditioned and i was sweating like a pig and didnt feel like trying on anything. though i still got myself a nice top. prep for school is coming along just fine(:

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  1. fel


  2. si

    NEXT WEEK OKAY ! anydays you dont have tuition !

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