isnt this photo cuuute. someone hearts hongkong(:

we made cupcakes. banana cupcakes with chocolate fudge icing (?) and a good old malteser in the middle. ha ha. they were goooood. abit jelat cos the i never could take too much icing but they were good while they lasted. ive four frosted babys in my fridge now and 2 plain ones for breakfast tmr morning (in afew hours time). beating well after every addition finally makes sense to me ha ha i normally skip those instructions in disdain but now i know these steps make good fluffy cupcakes.

if i die now i will die happy(: FINALLYYYYYYY.

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  1. fel

    how can u die happy when we haven’t visited Kbox with bo & ticks???

  2. si

    hahaa BABYYY its not my fault theyre taking donkeyyears to come back I CANNOT WAIT FOR THEM ANY LONGER CAN THEY PLEASE COME BACK SOON.
    whys the whole world back except ticks and bobo?): anyways if theyre back and i die i’ll die happyER(:
    meanwhile i wanna see you soon ! ha ha i NEEEEED a blow by blow account of your bangkok shopathon im so superdeprived of good shopping): message me when youre free !

  3. fel

    hahah! you’re so funnnyyy!
    have u realised that we haven’t even seen ticks with her straightened hair? ahha THIS IS A SIGN that its been AGES since the last time i saw her.
    and bangkok was not THAT fantastic laaaa. haha. i saw dunkin doughnuts though!

    i miss you!

  4. si

    huhh bangkok wasnt fantastic ??): did you shop shitloads. haha ticks isnt back right ! then how we see her hair. tell her skype us la. but shes being all rugged and backpacking so i guess that means no webcam. sigh. they very slow horh. london very fun MEH got us MEH why they dont want come back):

  5. fel

    hahah told you its a different story when you’re overseas with the family =/ tell you more when WE MEET UP k! haha

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