yeaa all my cakes look the same on photos hahaa even my lazy way of frosting (dumping the pile on top and leaving the sides naked and ugly. orthodox cake-frosters probably hate me). but ehh this is a sponge cake ! which unfortunately did not rise as gloriously as i would have wanted it to be. my resolution this holidays will be to master the art of folding in meringue. i STINK at doing that. i need to be more gentlefingered, less impatient, less harried when doing spongecakes. and be equipped with spatulas. i was trying to minimize bubblebursting with a clumsy wooden spoon cos i forgot i threw away my last working spatula.
haha but ehh enough to satisfy my craving for a blueberry sandwich sponge ! and a feeble improvisation of nigellas muscat mascarpone cheese so i ended with something like tiramisu cheese filling with real blueberrys and blueberry spread. c’est la gateau tres nouveau(:
and guess whos back from the land of cheap bags and shoes and clothes and summerterm ! and we got (abit) lost taking 67 in the wrong direction but ended up with ..
.. oprah smiling serenely at us on the right bus on the right way back. hahaaa WHAT A GOOD DAY ! and tmr is sashimi and greentea with some familiar company. i think im in love with this part of the holidays when everyone starts trickling back into sunnysingapore. let the holidays begin !

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