jamieoliver’s botham burgers probably the best thing you can pick off the plate when whirring a bowl of chocolate fudge brownies which turned out to be inSANEly sweet (hahaa, according to mag) but still good (i think) , in petite portions ha ha. and adding colouring to peanutbutter frosting prolly wasnt the prettiest idea either cos everything turned out abit dirtylooking but ah, we learn from lessons. the recipient better appreciates those 7 cupcakes>(
anyways BAAACK to the burgers ! minced pork, onion, mustard and cumin seeds(: and i lost my bottle of coriander seeds ! hai. on grilled burger buns, or in my case, tefalpan-toasted. and pregosauce and lettuce and cheese and another slosh of mustard and omgg. i dont know if its cos id been craving burgers of late but these homemade patties werent bad at all(: maybe abit tough on the jaws cos theyre so humongous, but nothing my fingers cannot resolve ha ha.
these sweltering days are making me recoil at the thought of going out, and lovingg the idea of domestic cook/bakeathons. even with the greasy washingup but theres little more to life than eating selfcooked food with a Very Good Friend, or two, or four;) in home shirts and shorts and messy hair.
and then i skyped ! with my Very Good Friends all the way at london sigh. i miss themmmm. and su whos probably wandering around hongkong or china now. gnurghh. next week come quick !):

3 Commentaires

  1. ingenue

    HELLOOO SIIII. I see a retarded half-face poking out behind mel and nette in the photo. WHO THE HELL IS THAT.
    hellooo. hope u’re doing good, we three say hiii and WE ♥ YOUUUU. next weekend, come quick!!! :))

  2. si

    haha hm who the hell is that:/ yes next weekend come quick geez ichiban never sounded more enticing(:

  3. mag-

    i realised i havent read your blog in a while!

    the burgers look so good it makes me hungry all over again!

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