today is, sort of, the first-ish day of Real, Official Nothing-to-Do-ness. okay so was sunday (saturdays out cos i had a purpose ! tuition at 2030 ha ha ha.) but sundays weekend so it doesnt count cos weekends are not days intended for Things to be Done.
so today i woke up at 12noon and had brunch. then i watched satc until i got sick of satc (!). then my dad came home and i had dinner. before that i bathed. and then i watched friends, simpson, some hongkong show and some jackywu talkshow. then i went on sgselltrade and sgspree and _spreee hoping someone will organise a drugstore spree but no one did so i did nothing again. now im blogging about my stupid diurnal routine which is no routine at all. poooi.

a song by a beatle /the beatles: eight days a week
a song with a woman’s name in the title: cindy – tammany hall
a song with a man’s name in the title: dracula from houston – butthole surfers
a song about money: what the world needs now is love – the carpenters
a song with some form of weather in the title: wreck of the day – anna nalick
a song with parentheses in the title: i never loved a man (the way i loved you) – aretha franklin
a song with the word ‘song’ in the title: love song – sheila nicholls
a song that you love so much you stop and listen whenever you hear it: citadel – anna nalick

-and this shows that ive wayyy too much time on my hand. i even had time to colourcode the answers and the questions. omg help.


3 Commentaires

  1. ingenue

    your brother called my boyfriend whilst I was on the phone with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hahahahaha. what a small (strange) world :p now he’s got a job! thank (what’s your brother’s name?) for me!!!!!!! :))

  2. si

    hahaa. jinquan. and i was the one who gave my brother his name !

    EHH since when are you guys girl/boyfriend again HUHH. email free one know you want to update me nott.

  3. ingenue

    ayeee siiii I’m going home in, 17 days babe, that’s a veryyyy short whilee away! so. catch up then lah huh 😉 as of last night heehee he’s The Boyfriend again, EEEEEEE.

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