i came home with a horrible headache from the thumping noise and sticky all over from the smelly bodies all around dxo. i was drinking from random jugs not really knowing at times what’re in them and apparently sales was alittle tricky im still very tired now but ive to get to school by 5 to submit some documents but im feeling lazyyyyyy veryvery lazy):
but im so happy that toosh was over finally and everything went very smoothly and everyone had fun and the people were a mean bunch. and and, look !

ha ha its so nice to see your poster hanging outside the place, right next to the esplanade !(:
i hate that i whine so much about the events i was mad having to rush around for during the pre-event period but i forget how frustrated i was when everythings over and now i think ive somehow ended up in some sportsbash thing but thats tentative so dont scream, yet. i think i need a better memory and a better knack for learning lessons. ha ha.

7 Commentaires

  1. fel

    No one would believe your alter ego is called Augustina.
    Augustina-s will never look so hip and prettttyyyyyy!

    ehhh you look good in contacts wat!

  2. vick

    haha. is Augustina supposed to be some loser or what =\
    yea you look good!
    And im really glad the event went well =)

  3. si

    haha ehh you guys are sweeet(:
    both of you should be there ! then it wouldve been fun-errrr. coughs i think theres another bash coming up. we go la, want not. wait for bobo to come back. ahahahaa.

  4. ingenue


    omg. I swear I did a double take, I glimpsed over all three photos at first and was like, WTH how come si takes pictures of everybody except her- wHO aRE thEsE pPL?!? and then I was like- EH that person in the third picture looks a beeet like si! and THEN. omg. si I can’t recognise you HAWT BAAAAYYYBE. *Super Singlish Signal* wah someone so sneaky arhh, everyone outta the country then you come and hankypankyyyyyy. last time call u go mambo call and call u orso don’t want to go!

    hahaha. hello babe. I’m back from milan and GUESS WHAAAAAT- its 18 days more to homeeeee!!!!! :)))))) LUBCHOO.

  5. si

    chongs you go milan come back high what shite. can ah caan mambo we come back talk la.
    oh and nette says to check yr email. i think she scared she go london then nowhere to sleep ha haa.
    AND CHONGLINNN dyou know come next monday all myLovelys’ll not be in singapore ha ha. but heh heh next fridaydinner EVERYONE will be present ! nevermind its 3 weeks away !
    hope milan was gooood !

  6. ingenue

    si. you suck. whole day ask you go mambo dont wanna to go. then you dare to blog about your clubbing experience. just to spite us right. i’m gonna get everybody to extend their stay in london. HAH! -mel

  7. si


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