every girl is a photowhore at heart, especially so when youre with equally shameless girlys after a hair-tearing dinner-turned-shoppingtrip. but look! we’ve got loot. hahaa.
dates with my pschool ladies are always sweet ! mad madd fun<3

before that twas our juniors syf and i really loved hearing them onstage and im so proud of all our juniors, esp when justin’s solo/s claimed the limelight(: seeing them turn red from blowing the shawmas/zurnas made me feel connected to them in the craziest way. i really miss being part of such a group of people -breathing and living one another during the last few pre-performance weeks and driving ourselves myself insane being outoftune 24/7 ha ha ha. bi had been a gruelling experience but not so much a bonding thing as co/suona obviously cos, i dont know, there wasnt that unifying, we-want-to-do-IT, uncrushable-cockroach spirit and that, to quote nette, is THE GUM. hahaa.
so congrats annjaysee co, for your Glamorous Gold ! and go suonists, gao or zhong (or di), young or old, senior or junior(: its really funny how an inane competition can make me feel so suonist-patriotic again, heehee.


2 Commentaires

  1. kare

    yayy congrats on t gold!! nj band is up today.. lets hope they do good too. wheee!!

  2. fel

    I want to camwhore with you at billyBombers! hahaha.
    after my exams okay! I chope you after my exams (which ends on the 22nd may). Too bad ticky going Europe.


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