i think it takes alot to be a parent ! youve to do all the shite in the world and not feel like youre being mistreated. then youve to give all your money to your children, even if they may be the most ungrateful brats and hardly at home all the time. then you cannot complain somemore cos youre not supposed to feel theres anything wrong with this arrangement and maybe all these can be summed into this awful thing called Responsibility and being a parent is perhaps the worst ever Responsibility one can ever ever shoulder. plus its impossible to de-shoulder. i think i will never be this all-encompassing being and truly believe that my children, should i ever have any, are worth everything i have and more. so meanwhile all i can do is constantly be awed that my dad, this brash man, can be so uncharacteristically tolerant when it comes to being a parent.

on monday kare and nette came over for our long overdue satc watchathon and ha ha we really didnt do much. we slumped around like slugs in my room and watch hot women snagging hot guys strutting their stuffs around newyork in blahniks. truly depressing. but we’d pizza and that made everything alittle better(: im really looking forward to moooore time spent with these babes this summer break !
today it was Be A Senior Day so we trooped down to annjayseee to visit our slightly estranged juniors. honestly i feel alittle bad for not going down as often as i would have liked myself to be but then again. well we still made it down eve of eve of the Big Day and i sure hope that was a small booster for our dear juniors(: i know when seniorshao came down with little fruit tartlets coughs we were quite overjoyed gobbling down those things after dazu. a little support goes a long way !
well even if it didnt at least us 4 old farts managed a meeting after such a long time. i swear we meet every 6months despite us all in singapore and relatively free. so it was dinner at coro and (shao) freaking out over aames driving and (shao) being noisy when the conductors are disseminating feedback and (shao) wanting to go home when the pres was giving out instructions. nice and familiar and made me want to crawl back onto the seat right behind the orchestra. too bad the juniors dont seem to have kept the habit of drinking the 40cents soyabeanmilk during dazu or that’ll have reallyyy quite deja vu hurhurr. i miss us and i missing being in an orchestra. i also missed charcoal cos motorola cameras are quite very substandard. 2mp bluff people one.


3 Commentaires

  1. feley

    huhhh u using motorola mehhhhh?

  2. shao

    why am i such a big part of sii’s life i get mentioned 3 times (albeit in brackets) in one of her entry huh??

  3. si

    felll hahaa yea im using motorola for fun now cos its so prettayy(: i’ll show youu the next time we meet up, like aft your exams ! (howre you coping babe !)

    and shao ha ha yes youre an IMMENSE part of my life !<3

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