im tiredd and ive stuff to do even though exams are over and ugghh this isnt right is it. im dying to sleep right now but my carrotcake’s baking in the oven and i dont think i’ll frost it tonight afterall. i hope i get down to it tmr or i’d have wasted moooolah on creamcheese and maplesyrup and icingsugar ughh ! even though carrotcake with all the sugaryfrothycheesy icing really defeats the whole purpose of a spiced healthy cake.
but i brought soot to the kitchen for the recipe so i was listening to sylvievartan while measuring flour and sugar and thats some kind of happy too, i think(:
if i manage to frost the cake tonight i’ll post up some pretty carrotcake photos, but till then.
btw, er anyone who reads this is interested in tush ? haha haii come la. be one of the 200 on my friday list, which is still not in existence now): i kaypoh what do publicity. really dig my own grave.


2 Commentaires

  1. ingenue

    omggg I checked like 5 mins ago and when I reloaded the page, THIS ENTRY POPPED OUT !!!

    ahem. this technology thing still, uhm, baffles me sometimes. ha ha ANYWHOO siii haven’t heard from you in soo long- you’re online now? I have an exam tmrwwwwwwwww 😦

  2. si

    poor chongs): exams, will over one la. then its milan for you isnt it, ughh you luckyshite ! if ive milan smiling at me at the end of my exams even the exam hall air will smell sweet.

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