i dont know whether to cry or to laugh that 16 hours before my litpaper, 6 years and 8 lit teachers/tutors later, i find myself scrambling desperately back to sparknotes.com for a trusted summary and thematic analysis, ha ha. doing 50% of the texts suddenly stank as an idea, but due to my misplacement of joaquin’s portrait of an artist unforeseen circumstances im forced to drop that, plus maniam makes no sense (i hope hes not the kind to google himself – it sucks to do authors who’re still alive) and i will only do his collection when absolutely pressed for options. which leaves me with lahiri (im theme-spotting), the anthology, strange days, a half-read lolita and sparknotes.
i am really tearing my hair out now and i regret being easily distracted. like how im actually blogging when—————
okay bye.


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