hahaa im so lazy i get my music by the bulk, with no quality control. after soot gets them safe and snug i add the folders into itunes and slowly delete the ones that get on my nerves, which’re normally the twangtwangTWANGGscreamshoutmoooan kind which really makes me want to run to another room. and theyre normally from obscure bands called butthole surfers, the mooney suzuki and err the polyphonic sprees.
now ive tons of nice music in dear soot, am on a winningstreak (hahaa not really- more like im getting addicted maybe) for texttwist and im finally dying to watch greys after 3 months BUT kanasai everything has to happen when im in the midst of exams.
theres no such thing as the right time to do anything ! cos i know when exams are over i wont feel like doing anything anymore i’ll just want to nuaaa in my room the make-believe french nightclub with sylvievartan and francoisehardy ripped from vixy.net. life would be ohsobeautiful still, but i would love to be a more productive person ha ha. ughhhh. if only mrschow’s burn-textbook-and-drink thing really will work ! stomachache also nevermindd i just dont wanna studyyy whinewhinewhineeee.


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