my notebook has a name ! meet Soot !(: correspondingly ive decided to change my cell’s name from Noir to Charcoal, just so they can be remotely related.
i suspect im suffering from attention deficiency disorder. it is not within my means to sit down and study properly, even after 13years of education, numerous tests and uncountable exams. everything under the sun distracts me, of which the major one is Soot. my sleek pretty Soot through whom i have to do my readings so i cant even shut him down and stuff into my bedclothes drawer like i did when i was doing socialpsych. pooi.
gnurrghhhh this is not good ! and i cannot concentrate, and i secretly want a decent cap): help.


2 Commentaires

  1. ingenue

    Soot can be friends with Dreamy!!

    although I still don’t understand, why the hell does Black&Sleek make you think of soot. like, of all things, soot. like, soot. y’know, blat. soot. splat. foot. so- monosyllabic.



  2. su

    aye si. aye chongs. why must your laptops have names !


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